I am happy to consult with other physicians and clinicians. This means that I will do an evaluation, according to the scope of the questions being asked, and give my recommendations to the party asking the questions.

There are many reasons to ask for a consultation. Sometimes it is necessary to clarify an issue or treatment path, other times another practitioner has need of some psychiatric expertise. Sometimes it is a matter of wanting to confirm one expert's opinion with a second opinion. In our current world of information overload and overtaxed work schedules, it is impossible to know all there is to know about a broad range of medical, much less psychological issues. This may be a way to gain needed expertise as quickly as possible.

Sometimes I do consultations for family members, spouses, or parents when they would like to understand more about  a particular diagnosis or symptom, usually being  experienced by a family member. In that case, I am usually not seeing the patient rather I am helping their family member to understand the issues. In this case, as well as with a second opinion, I will not prescribe any medications since my role is to evaluate, educate, and/or give recommendations for treatment, but not to do the treatment.

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