As I wrote on the home page, I evaluate the whole person, from the mental to the physical dimensions. This includes consideration of medical illnesses, brain problems, chemical imbalances, normal and abnormal development, problems of the mind, mental illnesses, relationship struggles, and  family & childhood issues, as well as the environmental aspects of life.

A typical adult evaluation takes 2 or 3 visits, but more time may be needed in order to really look at the whole picture.

When I evaluate children and adolescents, a typical evaluation takes 3-5 visits. I see the parents separately for at least one visit, and I see the child or adolescent separately for another visit. Many times, more visits are necessary to hear the whole story and to include medical issues and past psychiatric issues as well. A final summary visit is needed to give my conclusions and make recommendations.

I do not prescribe medications until the evaluation is completed.  Often a separate visit is needed to start medications because of the complex process involved in choosing a medication and reviewing all the important information which you will need to know in order to make an informed decision. 

I work with: